Goshikigahama – Kanazawa's Legendary Sandy Beach

Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture – With many of Japan’s most beautiful and popular beaches lying on its eastern coast, Goshikigahama is a diamond in the ruff. At the north-eastern end of Japan’s Noto Peninsula, just a short drive away from the city of Kanazawa – known for its samurai districts, museums, and gardens, is the beach they call Goshikigahama or Five Colors Beach.

The Beauty of Goshikigahama

Goshikigahama Beach

Goshikigahama, or Five Colors Beach got its name from the sand upon its shores. It is said that within the duration of just one day, that the sand changes colors five times. This is a popular saying that locals also mention when asked about the interesting title, and some even claim to know what times of the day the sand’s color changes.

Despite whether or not the color of its sand changes however, one thing for certain is that this beach provides to the needs of anyone and everyone venturing to it.

Goshikigahama Beach

Even in the summer, due to its secluded location, this beach is not crowded and you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for you to set up your towel and beach umbrella or tent. There is also a small food vendor nearby selling foods like grilled squid or fried noodles, so you could spend an entire day there if you wanted!

You could even be a parent with a young child, and this beach would be a perfect place for them to swim. There are no sudden drops in the sand, no rip currents, and the two rock walls standing erect out of the water prevent most waves, if there are any, from reaching swimmers. The sand on the beach as well as in the water is soft under your feet and the small fish swimming below the surface would catch the eye of any child.

Photo by  すしぱく on Pakutaso.

Those who like to snorkel may also find this beach interesting with the various schools of tiny fish that make Goshikigahama their home. Diving beneath the surface of the clear blue water will reveal to you a world full of life.

Goshikigahama Beach

Small fish, big fish, sea stars, and even sea urchins can be found living amongst the rocks in the deeper end beneath the rock walls. They stay there and much like the sea life living in Hawai’i’s famous Hanauma Bay, co-exist with the people who swim at and play on the beach. If you look carefully, you may even spot other species of sea creatures as there is an entire eco-system living just a few yards offshore.

Those fearful of sharks, however, needn’t worry as there are none at this beach.

There are definitely things that you should prepare before going, however, and here are just a few of those things: Sun screen – don’t forget to protect your skin from the strong UV rays of the sun. You may also want to bring along a pair of sunglasses or a hat to give yourself some shade when walking to the beach from its parking lot.

Bring a camera – a waterproof one if you can as the fishes living in Goshikigahama are really a sight to see!

Photo by popofatticus on Flickr.

And, just like with any beach, you’ll need a towel and possibly a beach umbrella or tent to provide you with enough shade to stay cool on a hot summer’s day.

Further Information

There is parking available, right across from the beach itself.

How to Get There: As the Noto Peninsula is known for its lack of public transport, it’s best if you’re able to rent a car and use GPS to drive over there.

Japanese Address: 〒927-0609 石川県鳳珠郡能登町新保

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