"Goryokaku Park" The Landmark of Hakodate, the southernmost tourist destination of Hokkaido

The park, the battleground for the last battle of the Boshin War, has been designated as the Special Historic Site, Goryokaku Fort by the government, and is one of the popular tourist destinations where many locals enjoy strolling. The star-shaped fort with cherry trees beautifully changes its color and sceneries at each season: Pink in the spring; Green in the summer; Red and yellow in the fall; and White in the winter.

Flower viewing in the evening

The tower which is the landmark for Hakodate stands as high as 107m ( 351ft.) (inclusive of lightning rod), The second floor of the observation tower, with the maximum occupancy of 500 persons, is 90m (approx. 300ft.) tall, which is 1.5 times higher than the former tower which is now demolished. The LED illumination for the observation tower during the night time is changed from blue to lighter blue only for three minutes every hour. The 360 degree panoramic view from there is splendid: you can clearly see the shape of the star below, you can also overlook the streets of the city as well as Mt. Hakodate, Tsugaru Strait and the Yokotsu mountain range. You can also view the ground just underneath through the “See-through floor” made with tempered glass.

Goryokaku Tower piercing through the clear blue sky.

At the exhibition space at the Goryokaku Historical Gallery provides historical exhibits such as diorama, and graphics covering the entire walls, detailed enough to make you the "expert" on Goryokaku.

The facilities there are fully equipped, as there are cafe stands where you can sink your teeth into delicious deserts, and the shops where you can buy the souvenirs only available at the tower.

If you are driving there, you can park at the paid parking nearby. You can also get there by public transportation such as streetcars.

Address: 43-9 Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido
Tel: 0138-51-4785 Fax: 0138-32-6390

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