Extensive leisure spot secluded within the city "Moerenuma Park"


Moerenuma Park, located in Higashi-ku, Sapporo is a broad comprehensive park.
Since it is within the city, it has an easy access environment. Many of the Sapporo locals also visit the park.
As the park has an extensive area just like Hokkaido, there is a considerable distance to walk from one end to another. For this case, after arriving by bus or car, it would be good to rent a bicycle near the entrance and go around the park.
The first thing you will see when you reach Moerenuma Park is the 62 meters high "Mount Moere".


As it is beautifully paved, you can climb it easily, and at the top you can view the Moerenuma Park. For first-timers to the park, you must first climb Mount Moere to realize Moerenuma Park's space area. The breeze is nice in summer, and in winter you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing.

In July or August, "Moere beach" is recommended for those who bring children to the park. The shallow waterfront is safe enough even for children, and during the hot season it is crowded with children. There are many adults who spread blanket sheets nearby while relaxingly watch the children play.

And out of the many park facilities, one of the most recommended places for various people, from married couples or parents with children to couples or friends, and can be enjoyed from early summer to autumn is the "Fountain of Sea".


This compelling fountain is launched along with music and charms audiences with various performances.

Light up performances during night time have also been added, so after playing in the park and on your way home, it is recommended that you stop by the fountain.

Since the performance operation time is already set, and they have a full program (40 minutes) and short program (15 minutes), it is best to check the performance timing in advance.

Moerenuma Park
Address: Moerenuma-koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hours:
7:00-22:00 (Park entrance closed at 21:00)
Open Throughout the year
Admission Fee: Free
Official Website

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