Experience the Aomori Museum of Art, which paid so much attention to details, including its buildings.


The Aomori Museum of Art which is located at a 10-minute bus ride away from Shin Aomori Station is the most popular art museum in Tohoku area. It has many artworks by Yoshitomo Nara, and Shiko Munakata, who are originally from Aomori on display.
They have paid so much attention to details including the designs of the museum building itself, and there are visitors who visit here to see the building instead of the artworks on display.



The exterior that resembles a pure white box is a distinctive characteristic of this museum. They sometimes illuminate the building by utilizing the pure white exterior and the snow-covered landscape.

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Photo:Hiroto Sugita on flickr

The letters and signs on the directional signages within the museum are all standardized in its original fonts, “Aomori Fonts”

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The symbol to this museum is based on the motif of tree and a, the initial of Aomori. The simple design is stylish.

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The most popular artwork in this museum is “Aomori Inu (Aomori Dog)” by Yoshitomo Nara. The statue is so huge that adults cannot reach its nose even when jumped. You can freely take photograph in front of Aomori Inu statue...


Photo:Hiroto Sugita on flickr

You can purchase unique goods and books relating to arts. The cafe where you can enjoy the cuisine cooked out of ingredients from Aomori is popular among visitors.

How about a great time in enjoying the art and culture of Aomori at Aomori Museum of Art?

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