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Cultural Acceptance in Japan – The Things That Scared Me When I First Visited

Japan has both delighted but also scared the living daylights out of me. It may be a fascinating land of volcanoes, technology, and politeness, but there are a few things so new to me that even after 10 years, I still have some trouble adjusting.

It was 4 months before when I had my first abroad outing and I was truly happy to have Japan recorded as my first ever destination. I was truly enamored with Japan, its dialect, and culture even before my real visit which may be one reason why I thought I won't be having much of a societal stun when I arrived. In any case, in spite of my dialect foundation in Japanese and my current information about the Japanese society, encountering things direct truly has any kind of effect which I discovered truly interesting. Now, I will depict about few of my life stuns here in Japan as a non-native.

Talking Toilets

Photo by すしぱく on Pakutaso.

I portray Japanese toilets as both complex and insane. I've experienced talking toilets in Japan. The vast majority of them even deliver sounds you can pick to play while taking a pee so that the humiliating peeing sound would not get heard by other individuals inside the solace room. You won't require your hands any longer when you utilize a can in Japan. The modern toilets are really amazing.

Huge Advertisements Everywhere

Japanese Ads
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After venturing on Japan's metropolitan range, one can rapidly see the boundless measure of ads in broad daylight places, for example, trains, transports, taxicabs, shopping centers, stops, and even on lift entryways, elevator handrails, staircases, wheels of rental bikes, candy machines, free magazines and papers, pocket tissue papers, and some other spot you wouldn't envision. Anywhere you go, you see advertisement.

Japanese Advertisements

Getting Publicly Naked at A Japanese Onsen

Japanese Baths

It is said that Japanese homes didn't have bathtubs in the past which is the reason open shower houses were developed to suit local people who needed to absorb and unwind warm water. In cutting edge Japan, where shower tubs are as of now a typical thing in Japanese homes, open shower houses are still generally accessible. They are regular in customary houses, residences, hotels, and so forth. This public bathing system is very popular in Japan where people get NAKED and take bath together.

High-pitched Nosy Voices at Shops

I once went by a ¥100 shop was stunned to discover how different people sound when they greet customers. When I walked through the door, the clerk politely said "irashaimase" or "welcome" and I instantly knew the voice was not her actual one. It was a SHOCK! Was something stuck up her nose? Did she have a cold? I later learned that this is common because it helps prevent people's voices from waring after saying the same phrase all day long.

Society Shock in Japan is truly fascinating in light of the fact that it offers you some assistance with learning more about new Japan. I am as yet getting new culture stunned in my day-to-day life and it offers me to meet my interest about Japanese people and their culture.

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