Chirihama beach

Chirihama: A Quiet Beach Away from Kanazawa City

Looking for a beach to spend this summer with? Do you love camping? Driving? Or even trains? Located 30 minutes driving—about 36 km from Kanazawa city, Chirihama Beach is a great place to visit this summer—especially if you are looking for a quiet place.

Feet in the sand at Chirihama Beach
Photo: uemura on Flickr
Sand sculpture on Chirihama beach
Photo: Nao Iizuka on Flickr

I went there by train. It was a nice journey to enjoy the landscape—greenery and vegetable fields by the hills. It took about 1 hour from Kanazawa station to Hakui station—the nearest station to Chirihama. A one-way ticket costs 820 yen. But if you want to take the train, you should buy a paper ticket at the start of your journey—not using an IC card, because this train takes the Nanao Line, which has no electronic payment for cards, so you have to buy your ticket first, or ask the station officers for a ticket to Hakui station.

Hakui Station platform
Photo: Norio NAKAYAMA on Flickr

If you take the train, there are three ways to get to Chirihama beach from Hakui station:

  1. You can just simply walk to the beach. It took 25 minutes’ walk to get to the beach. It took a while and quite far. But it was worth it for taking some pictures, because Hakui city has a lot of good spots for those who love photography. There were not many people in the city. The way to Chirihama Beach was quiet and filled with faint music that you can hear from the speakers on the streets.
  2. If you don’t like walking, you can take a rental bike around the stations, or in the stations. Just ask the station’s staffs about how to rent the bike from the station. It was about 200 yen for a day.
  3. Taxi/cab. It was about 4000 yen for one trip fare to Chirihama.

Hakui city streets

Hakui city loves aliens and UFOs—you can see from the designs that they show in this city—even the lamp post in front of the stations. They even have a kind of space museum in the city, and everything about this city has images of aliens and UFO.

UFO sign in Hakui City

When I arrived at the beach there were not so many people there, but the view and the scenery was beautiful and it was a good place to spend time alone. There were some people come here to relax and take a break from driving. Because in this beach you can drive right on the beach, along the waves. Chirihama could also be a good spot for camping, and a picnic, with your family or friends. There were also a few restaurants and shop by the beach that sells souvenirs and food. Since it is located on the west side of Honshu, it would be a nice spot to see the sunsets.

Hakui city also has a fireworks festival every August, taking place this year on Saturday, 19 August 2017. Information in Japanese can be found on their website here:

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