Brand Name Outlet Shopping in Yokohama

Mitsui Outlet Park at Yokohama Bayside offers brand name shopping in a fun environment and fabulous location on the quayside of a large marina. Pleasant in the winter sunshine and with gentle breezes to cool the air temperature in the summer, it makes a great place to shop or hang out.

The shopping area, which looks rather more like a theme park than a purpose built mall, is designed like an old world American coastal town with a clock tower, windmill, schoolhouse, town hall and lighthouse, all with a colourful wood plank finish. Even the balconies between the shops look as if they are boardwalk construction. It makes an agreeable change from glass, concrete and steel shopping malls.


The main retail area consists of two stories of outlet shops. Many well-known brands are featured here: Adidas, Levis, Gap, Fred Perry, Birkenstock, Nike, Reebok and Lego — some sixty plus shops of different sizes. Everything from kids’ and sports shoes, high-end food treats, skiwear, camping goods, jeans, to home interior items can be found. Many shops have permanent or semi permanent sales with goods reduced by 30-70% and some have special sale racks. It could be the place to find an amazing bargain or at least pay less for brand name goods.

In the central square created by these shops is a small children’s play space, a rock climbing wall and a fountain and pool. The ground is painted blue to resemble water and in summer children are often playing in the fountains. On weekends and holidays stalls set up here, selling toys and special offer items or with games to play. It is a welcome space for families to rest and recharge before the next round of shopping.


On the marina side of the retail park is a separate restaurant area. Keeping with the theme of old world town these buildings are brightly coloured with outside seating areas and a splendid view of the boats bobbing in the water. In the centre is a striking wooden replica lighthouse with a café on the ground floor. Relax with a coffee, burger, spaghetti or noodles in one of the restaurants enjoying the view of sea, sky and some expensive yachts, and forget that the purpose of the day was to come shopping.



The outlet park has parking, coin lockers, ATM machines and plenty of restrooms. Across the road in Marina Plaza is a Starbucks (open 9am-9pm), McDonald’s, Volcom and Burton shops and nearby a Patagonia. There is also a Yamaha boat showrooms in case you suddenly decide to buy your own boat while there.

Many of the shops offer tax-free shopping if purchases are over a certain value – but check with individual shops before purchasing.

Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside is about thirty minutes by train from Yokohama station and is one of a dozen Mitsui Outlet Parks in Japan. Check the website for other locations and further details.

Tip: Arrive early or take the train (few minutes walk from the train station) as Mitsui Outlet Park is popular with Japanese families and there can be queues for parking on the weekends.


Address: 5-2 Shiraho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-Prefecture

Phone : 045-775-4446


Opening Times :

●Shopping : 10:00-20:00
●Restaurant times may vary

Nearest station: Torihama on the Seaside Line

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