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Attractive locations of Mitarai, Hiroshima!

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Attractive locations of Mitarai, Hiroshima!

In the port town of Mitarai in Osaki Shimojima, located along the coast of Seto Island Sea encounter a well-preserved good old Edo period.

Shiomachi Kan

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First things first, let’s grab a sightseeing guide from 'Shiomachi Kan'. a tour reception, souvenir shop and a resting place all-in-one.

Shrine Tunnel

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short of the well on the shrine precinct. It is said that if you pass through the tunnel all your wishes will surely come true.

Kaneko Residence

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Choshu and Geishu armies united at Mitarai in 1867. The Mitarai Treaty was concluded here at Kaneko Residence to further the overthrowing of the Shogunate.

Wakaebisu-ya Ato

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A tea house officially sanctioned by Hiroshima Domain.
You cannot miss this rare premises built with Yakusugi (Cryptomeria that are more than 1,000 years old).

Clock Shop established in Meiji period

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This clock shop is in Mitarai district in Oshima Simo Machi off the Island Sea.
More than 140 years old, Shinko Tokei is the oldest clock shop in Japan.


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A modern theatre in the early Showa period was restored here. You can feel the good old Showa days at this building.

Residences with Namako Wall (Namako: sea cucumber)

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Buildings with beautiful Namako walls are lined in Mitarai. The name Namako Wall is derived from the joints of the wall that look like namako.

Daitoji Temple

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It was originally called the Tokoji Temple but changed its name to Daitoji Temple when Hondo (the main temple building) was constructed.
You can see a transom with three Karyōbinga and dragons, both male and female carved by a sculptor in Kyoto utilizing the entire width of the big Japanese zelkova.

Sumiyoshi Shrine

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The God of shipping is said to be enshrined here. A rarity nationwide, the Sumiyoshi zukuri shrine pavilion is invaluable.

Manshuji Temple

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Shingon sect Manshuji Temple is in the preserved townscape district of Mitarai. Its magnificent stone wall is noteworthy. Visitors can appreciate cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn.

Appearance of Edo

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Once in Mitarai, the spark of Edo period will mesmerize you if you happen to stroll around the city imagining the prosperous good old Edo period of Japan.

Web: http://www.yutaka-kanko.jp/ (in Japanese)