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Adventures on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka

Choose your adventure on Lake Hamana! Lake Hamana is one of Japan’s 10 largest lakes and is located in Shizuoka prefecture. It was once a freshwater lake, completely disconnected from the ocean, but due to an earthquake over 500 years ago, it connected to the ocean and has become a salty lagoon. The shoreline and neighboring streets are full of resorts, hostels, and ryokans and there are several onsens that overlook the lake. Lake Hamana is known for its beautiful scenery, fishing and seafood, and recreation!

To get the ultimate view of the lake, visitors can ride the Kanzan-ji Ropeway to the highest lookout or just hike up to the Kanzan-ji Temple which also offers amazing views of the lake. Of course, once you have seen the lake, you will now want to enjoy it! 

Once you arrive, you will see countless options for affordable rentals. You can rent bikes to ride the bike trails circling the lake, or go on a cruise. In most cases you can find an activity for less than 2,000 yen per person! The runAway team always chooses an adventurous or unique experience for our day!

We were immediately drawn to the large, colorful, pedal-powered swan boats. When I say swan boats, I mean we actually rented a gigantic pink boat in the shape of a swan, complete with a purple painted ribbon around its neck! We thought it would be a unique and fun way to enjoy the lake, and we were right! We decided to add some good-natured competition to our adventure, split up into two teams, and hopped in. In the beginning we weren’t really racing, we were taking in all the sights, greeting other people out enjoying the water, and Megan even jumped in for a swim! 

After we had some fun and played around, we got really serious about racing to the docks. We were pedaling as hard as we could, our hands gripping the sides of the swan for support as we pushed ourselves to the max! We reached the dock breathless, but with big smiles on our faces. I think bystanders enjoyed our race as well! In the end, we all walked away winners because we had so much fun!

After a fun day on the lake, we wanted to explore more, but had to continue on with our 50-day adventure. We recommend spending more than one day in this beautiful area. There is so much to do and we only got a quick taste of the adventures offered on Lake Hamana.

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