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A Stunning German Palace with Precious Porcelains at Saga Prefecture!

Arita Porcelain Park in Saga is a theme park filled with beautiful architecture and porcelains, adding to that NEW experiences. If you are somewhere around it I am sure the majestic aura will be worth a look. Moreover, entrance to the park is FREE so you have no chance to miss it.

Arita is known for the world famous Arita porcelain (also know as Imari porcelain), one of the traditional handicrafts of Japan. This park is located just on the outskirts of Arita.

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Witness the breathtaking Zwinger palace of Dresden, Germany reproduced right here in Japan. Onec you step intwo exhibition wings will welcome you inside the palace. One exhibits Arita porcelain and the other displays European porcelain. Observe the intricate beauty of some of the great works in Arita porcelain that relates a history of 400 years. One must witness the master-piece, a large vase (182cm) which was exhibited at Vienna World Exposition (1870’s).


Appreciating the master piece and the palace is not all. Would you like to create and design a cup for yourself? Of course you CAN. Participate in creating your personal master piece at the potter’s wheel or just try your hand at designing and painting a ready-made porcelain ware. Whatever you try I am sure it is going to be fun.

If you are tired of the palace walls, take a stroll behind the palace into the European style garden. A large ancient kiln and various stores selling both traditional Japanese and European-style products are other attractions, that are sure to draw you to own your porcelain possessions.

Photo: STA3816 on wikimedia

Before you leave, you might want to stop at a souvenir shop where you can try some Japanese sake. If you fancy sake, spare time to hop-in at the sake brewery which is located right next to the Porcelain Park.
*Entry is free but prior reservation is necessary.

Arita Porcelain Park
Address: 340-28, Toya, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Tel: +0081 995-41-0030
Business hours: 9am – 5pm
Website (in Japanese):

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