Pokémon Themed Foods

5 Best Pokémon Themed Foods In Japan

As a Pokémon fan, there are many ways you can enjoy this franchise. You can play the games, watch the anime, collect merchandise, etc. In Japan, you even celebrate your fandom with food. In this article, I will introduce 5 Pokémon-themed foods you can get in Japan.

Magicarp Taiyaki

The taiyaki shop Kurikotai is selling Magicarp shaped taiyaki at some of their stores. Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet made of waffle dough that looks like a fish. It can be filled with different sweet filing including sweet beans, custard or chocolate pudding, or cream to name a few.

The Magicarp taiyaki are available in the Akihabara, Kichijoji, Yokohama Westgate, Minatomirai and Machida branches and you can choose between custard and chocolate flavor. Sometimes other flavors are available for a limited time as well.

One Magicarp Taiyaki costs around 200 yen and they taste just like regular taiyaki. Originally these taiyaki were planned as a limited product but they turned into a regular menu and are available throughout the year.

Kurikotai Website

Pokémon Pan

At a lot of supermarkets in Japan, you can find Pokémon-themed bread sold under the brand Pokémon Pan. They basically sell the same types of bread that a regular Japanese bakery does and the Pokémon Pan tastes just like the regular version you can find at your local convenience store.

Every Pokémon Pan comes with a random Pokémon sticker.

Pokémon bread is available throughout the year with new versions being released from time to time.

About Pokémon Pan

Pokémon Doughnuts from Mister Donut

At certain times, the doughnut chain Mister Donut has collaborations with Pokémon and sells Pokémon-themed doughnuts. Usually, these are part of a promotion for a new Pokémon game or movie.

In 2019 they had Pikachu and Poké-ball shaped doughnuts as a promotion for the release of Sword & Shield. If you are in Japan during such a time, make sure to check them out. Usually, Mister Donut also sells some limited Pokémon goods and/or other Pokémon-themed food or drink items during these times as well.

Pokémoridon From Yoshinoya

At the end of 2019, the gyudon (beef on rice) chain Yoshinoya started a collaboration with Pokémon. They offered a Pokémon Menu called Pokémoridon for a limited time. The menu was a regular gyudon but it came in a special bowl with a Pokéball design. The menu also contained a Pokémon vegetable drink and came with a random collectable figure.

The dish turned out to be more popular than expected resulting in that many shops had to stop offering it soon after it became available. Yoshinoya is planning further Pokémon-themed dishes but for now, there are no details announced as of when they will become available.

Pokémori Don

Pokémon Ice Cream From Baskin Robbins

The ice-cream chain Baskin Robbins also does collaborations with Pokémon from time to time usually also to promote new Pokémon games or movies. Last year they had a special Pikachu flavored ice-cream as part of a promotion for the Mewtwo strikes back remake.

At that time, they also added two new ice-cream cakes to their menu: a Pikachu cake and an Eevee cake. These cakes are still available at the moment but need to be reserved in advance. The price differs from store to store and is usually between 3,000 or 4,000 JPY. 

Website about the Pokémon Ice Cream

Which one of these Pokémon foods would you choose? By all means, try to catch 'em all.

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