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Thank you. My name is Tina. I am I have been living in Tokyo, Japan for 7 years. Blogging had been my hobby since then. I hope to provide you with both useful and enjoyable articles. Feel free to follow my Instagram visuals.

Stray Animals in Japan

I met my first stray cat when I went jogging in Japan. There are many domestic cats walking around (so far I have never seen a stray dog here), but strays always look different and give me different looks. That skinny cat I met had white fur, with lots of dirty stains and even some blood ones. Luckily, I could see him/her again when I went to the same spot again.

Vending Machines: Why so Many?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “vending machine” was first used circa 1895. It is defined as “a coin-operated machine for selling merchandise.” Although there are references to the coin-operated machines all the way back in the first century AD, the first modern vending machines were invented in 1880s, dispensing postcards and envelopes.

Going to movies in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very diverse city with uncountable sightseeing destinations. Yet when it’s raining and cold outside, you might prefer something indoors. If shopping and dining have already showed you everything you wanted to try, then perhaps you would like to visit the local movie theaters. Especially if you are in Shinjuku and Godzilla is waiting for you right by the building of the Toho cinemas.

UFO Catchers in Japan

Crane games are very popular in Japan. They are called UFO catchers and are usually located in arcades and amusement parks with different kinds of prizes. And no, they are not actual UFO, as in space ships, but they are much fun.

Oiran Procession in Asakusa, When You're in a Hurry

Who are oiran? According to Wikipedia, the word originates from the Japanese phrase "oira no tokoro no nēsan", which translates into "my elder sister." The kanji characters are 花 meaning "flower" and 魁 meaning "leader" or "first". They were high-class courtesans that possessed entertainer’s skills, such as playing musical instruments, arranging ikebana, performing tea ceremonies, etc.

Urbexing in Tokyo: The Nakagin Capsule Tower

For some traveling is not always about comfort. I’m not talking about physical comfort, but the “sightseeing” spots list. For many urbex is not an uncommon thing at all. “Urban exploration is the examination of off-limits or seldom seen parts of man-made structures.

How to Treat a Cold in Japan?

I have lived only in Tokyo and hence do not possess information on the matter related to subject for other areas of the country. If you are interested, please stay with me and let’s talk about some ways of addressing cold and flu.

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