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My name's Steven Askew. I came to Japan in 1999 and spent three years working in Noboribetsu onsen, on the JET program. After my contract expired I was lucky enough to find a job at a private Christian girls' school in Sapporo. With a  few years experience under my belt, they let me attend university part time to acquire my Japanese teacher's licence, which allowed me to work as a regular Japanese teacher. I have been a high school homeroom teacher for the last five years and I love every minute of it - even the work, the tears and the stress. I have a Japanese wife and a three year old daughter. After so many years you wouldn't think I'd still get culture shock, but it comes and goes. I love this country, though, and the people who have allowed me to make it my home. I want to try and share some of that love with you.

Things to Do at New Chitose Airport

You might not know it but New Chitose Airport is Japan’s third busiest airport after Narita and Hanada. Also, the Chitose Tokyo leg is one of the busiest routes in the world with about 9 million people a year using it. If you happen to have to change planes here or if you have some time to kill before your flight, there is actually quite a lot to do. I hope to show you a few of them.

7 Great 100 Yen Present Ideas

Do not compare these shops to dollar shops in America or pound shops in the UK because they are a cut above. Japanese hundred-yen shops are a veritable treasure trove. I can happily spend an hour wandering around, just looking at things.

White Day Explained

Come to Japan at the end of February and you will see shelves of chocolates, gifts and flowers laid out at the front of stores. “Hang on,” you might say to yourself.

Snow Running in Sapporo

I started running about five years ago and I try to run most days. I have a number of routes around Sapporo that take me along rivers, through mountains, past temples and along busy main roads. However, this is Hokkaido, and it snows from December to March.

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