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An exchange student here in Tokyo for a total of two years, Micole is endlessly fascinated by Japan’s culture and ways. While she is still trying very hard to learn Japanese, that does not stop her from going out to explore and eat great Japanese food – a huge reason why she came to Japan!

Takadanobaba's Hidden Tonkatsu Gems

When it comes to food that you must try in Japan, things like ramen and sushi often top the minds of many. However, an often forgotten but equally delicious meal is tonkatsu. Essentially a breaded, deep fried pork cutlet, it is a dish that sounds deceptively simple and easy to prepare but difficult to be truly delicious.

All About Calbee

Potato snacks hardly go wrong. Be it french fries with fish & chips, potato chips or crisps, potato snacks are always delicious, especially when deep-fried. The love for potato extends to Japan as well, and evidence of Japan’s success in making delicious potato snacks can be seen from how well Calbee does locally and internationally. As a major Japanese snack maker, Calbee Inc. has operations all over the world, but nothing gives it more attention than its stores in Japan.

Alice in Wonderland Café

Themed cafes in Tokyo are aplenty. On top of two quirky cafes that I visited previously, the Alice in Wonderland Café was another café that was on my to-visit list. There are numerous Alice in Wonderland themed cafes in Tokyo, showing the popularity of this concept.

Walking Tour of Chiyoda - Imperial Garden, Kitanomaru Park & Yasukuni Shrine

Chiyoda is located in the very heart of Tokyo, with many subway stations providing access into this area – Kudanshita Station, Tokyo Station, Hibiya Station, Yurakucho Station – to name a few. There are many museums, scenic and historic spots to see in this area. The following route and attractions are just one possible means I explored.

Japan’s Year-End Seasonal Snacks

If you visit Japan, never ever forget to try the snacks here. Besides being the food mecca that it is, the food that you would want to try in Japan should never just be limited to ramen, sushi, or traditional desserts. The snacks in Japan are definitely worth trying.

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