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Luna is a professional writer from the UK who now lives in Japan as an English teacher. She loves video games, spicy food, and all things Disney.

Get Your Nails Done in Tokyo in this Luxurious Salon in Ebisu

Tokyo is a fashionable city; many of its citizens pride themselves on keeping up with the latest fashions, always looking neat and tidy, and enjoying sprucing up their look with dyed hair, make up, and nail art. Aside from the usual nail polish you can buy in stores, a popular technique to keep nails looking prettier for longer is locally called ‘gel nail.’

Bulletin board with New Year resolutions

10 Japan-Themed New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Instead of the usual “lose weight”, “get a better job” or “go to the gym every Tuesday” scenario, why not base a realistic (and, let’s face it – fun) Japan or Japanese-based resolution that you can try alone or with friends? How about it?

Helpful Tips to Make Local Friends in Japan

Living in Japan has a countless amount of benefits. It’s a very safe country to live in, the food is great, and it’s usually fairly easy for speakers of English to get a job in a language school. One of the downsides of living in this fantastic country, however, is that it can be very difficult to mix properly with the locals – that is, make friends with Japanese people.

Daikanyama: Tokyo's Posh, Expensive & Charming Neighborhood

Nestled between Ebisu and Shibuya is a quiet little district where famous actors, comedians, models and successful businesspersons congregate, live and spend their time and money. Daikanyama (代官山) is somewhat of a secret from tourists; with the famous districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, Daikanyama is often overlooked.

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