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My biggest loves in life are travel and animals. A change in circumstance has landed me on the beautiful island of Okinawa, in Japan's southernmost region. Join me on a Japanese adventure filled with fun, food and furry friends, as well as other things!

Megastore Don Quijote

It’s actually a large chain of discount stores, with over 160 locations in Japan, and 3 in Hawaii. It carries pretty much anything you can imagine, including groceries, homeware, clothing, and cosmetics, as well as some off the wall products (more on these later).

Fushimi Inari Shrine: The 1,000 Gate Shrine

Quite possibly one of Japan’s most famous shrines, Fushimi Inari lies at the base of Inari Mountain, Kyoto. You may well know of it without even knowing the name; it’s famous for it’s “Senbon Torii”, or “thousand gate” walk, which takes you to the summit of the mountain with which it shares its name. Read on to discover more about this fascinating tabernacle, and discover the history behind the beauty.

Ema Boards: Meaning and Use

Have you ever visited a shrine or temple in Japan? If so, you may have noticed a common theme; little wooden plaques adorned with art and handwriting. But what are they? And what purpose do they serve? Say hello to the Ema board, or Japanese wishing plaque.

Cape Hedo: Northern Okinawan Beach of Hope

Cape Hedo is the Northernmost point of Okinawa, Japans Southernmost prefecture. It resides in the village of Kunigami Village, and overlooks both the South China sea to the West, and the Pacific ocean to the East. It’s a great vantage point for being where these two bodies of water collide in a harmony of azures and beryl.

Staying in a Buddhist Temple in Osaka

Air BnB is a wonderful thing. It’s added a completely different dimension to holiday accommodation. I’m a big fan. You can find all manner of weird and wonderful places, all over the world, and quite often for a lot less than a hotel. This in mind, a Buddhist temple probably still wouldn’t figure in your top 5 of places you can find on Air BnB (it sure wasn’t on mine), but here we are. Allow me to tell you the story of when I stayed at just such a place.

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