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With almost 15 years of experience in journalism, Liam Carrigan loves nothing better that to write a good story about his adventures.

Liam first came to Japan in 2005 for a two week Kendo training camp. It was at that time that he first fell in love with the wonderful people and beautiful culture of Japan. Now, almost ten years later, Liam is proud to call Japan his home.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Liam first moved to Japan in the fall of 2006. He worked in Tokyo and later Okayama as an English teacher. From 2010 to 2012, Liam spent some time in Hong Kong, where he worked as a writer and editor for an education and publishing company. His love of Japan remained strong in his heart, and in early 2013 Liam returned to his adopted homeland.

Now settled in Osaka, Liam divides his time between writing, teaching and learning Japanese. His hobbies include martial arts, movies and travel.

A Nostalgic Visit to an Old Home: Return to Okayama

The overall ambience of Okayama City seems to have become decidedly more cosmopolitan since I lived there. And this is absolutely a positive step forward for the city. As one of the perceived “less interesting” prefectures in Japan for foreign tourists, there was plenty of evidence on show of a clear and concerted effort by the City of Okayama to engage with tourists and found out what attracts them to the area.

Just Another Day at Work: Working Through Christmas in Japan

So, as a result Christmas is, for all intents and purposes, just another regular working day here in Japan. That’s not to say that Japanese people don’t get a winter vacation. In almost all cases, they do. However, typically, the winter and New Year vacation time in Japan ordinarily doesn’t begin until December 27th or 28th and then typically runs until about January 5th.

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