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Hi, I’m Kade.  I’m from Idaho, USA.  I’ve lived in Japan for 4 years now.

I’m an outdoors guy.  I love biking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.  Good thing Japan has great places for both of those.

I like eating out at good restaurants, especially with exciting interior.

I love Japanese hot springs.  My goal is to own one of my own.

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Strolling Through Numazu

For those wishing to see Mount Fuji in all its glorious majesty and wonder, there are many towns surrounding it and one town, Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture, is host to a scenic view of Fuji everyday. Numazu is a great getaway spot and it is also a pleasant fishing town with a bustling harbor and you can find many delicious sushi restaurants with meals that are rare to find anywhere else.

A Day at the Kewpie Mayonnaise Factory

For almost one hundred years, the Kewpie Corporation has made and distributed mayonnaise all over Japan and now the world. Inside the factory they offer a free tour for visitors to see how the mayo is made and what is inside it that has made Kewpie mayonnaise so popular and so distinctly Japanese.

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