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Joel came to Japan for a year out between jobs in October, 2000.  That year turned out to be so full of fun and adventure that he stayed.  And then stayed some more.  Now, he divides his time between teaching, and writing, with a little bit of photography thrown in for good measure.  He loves to travel both inside and outside Japan and is currently planning where to go next.  More information can be found on Twitter .

Exploring Oya Town

Beginning in the eighth century, miners realised that the stone found in Oya Town was light, easy to work, and retained heat well yet was fireproof. Thus, they began mining in earnest, giving the area around the town a distinctive look to its architecture.

Summertime Swimming

Summer in Japan is hot. Really hot. Not fun at all hot. Fortunately, Japan has come up with numerous innovations to beat the heat. There’s the “cool biz” initiative, air conditioning on the trains, and an incredible number of clean, well-maintained, public swimming pools.

Green Dumplings at Gyoza Heaven

Utsunomiya City, 100 km north of Tokyo, has long been known as the home of Japanese gyoza. Restaurants, yattai stalls, and izakaya specializing in gyoza permeate the city. There’s even a large, family friendly, ‘gyoza park’ just outside the East entrance to Utsunomiya station housing several large, brightly lit beer halls.

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