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Elizabeth is a fashion, culinary, and music enthusiast wrapping up her PhD dissertation in Japanese and Canadian History.

When not looking for inexpensive recreational options for her toddler or exploring the newest seasonal trends in fashion and makeup in her adopted city, she can be found roaming the shelves of the Fukuoka’s many bookstores, signing up for a karaoke room with an all-you-can-drink tea
option (a must!), or reading a magazine in a cafe, preferably with Kimura Takuya on the cover, to hone her Japanese language skills.

Finally living in Japan after a decade of yearly visits, Elizabeth is excited to share stories about life, leisure, culture, and history gathered from her many roads travelled and those on the horizon with the Taiken community!

Beyond Sake & Matcha – 10 Under-appreciated Japanese Souvenirs

Here is a list of ten souvenirs (excluding typical Japanese omiyage which I also tend to cart back) in no particular order that would make for great and surprising presents for those not so lucky to be able to come to Japan. You’ll notice that many gifts from this list can be purchased from Loft or Tokyu Hands, my go-to stores for interesting and classy souvenirs- as a bonus, many of these products have “Made in Japan” options!

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