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Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Elena arrived in Japan for the first time in 2006. Interested in the culture, music and exotic fragrance that Japan emanated. In love with the culture and language, she came back in 2009 as part of an exchange program to complete her studies in East Asian Studies degree (Specialist in Japan). Again in 2013, she came back to improve her Japanese language skills and started working in Japan until now.

With a degree in Translation and Interpreting as well as East Asian Studies graduated, love for foreign languages, cultures and countries has become a part of her professional specialization and a way for living. After working in Glasgow (UK) and Barcelona (Spain), currently she works in Tokyo (Japan). She divides her time between working, writing and trying to improve her Japanese skills level as well as her knowledge about Japanese culture and society.

Japan has so many singularities. It has common links with other countries, as well as unique peculiarities that make it different from the rest of the globe. Deeply interested in Japanese history and culture, bumping into another piece of history while walking around the town is one of her passions.

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