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Travelling is my passion but Japan is my home. I live in Okinawa among the locals in the Ryukyu culture and under the hot sun of this tropical island. I am German and came from Siegen 6 years ago to study and live here. I love writing, drawing, new adventures, beauty and languages. My travels have taken me all across Japan, from the snowy tip of Hokkaido through the bright city of Tokyo, the sunny falls of Kyushu to the beautiful beaches of Okinawa. I hope to share some of these stories with you.

Willkommen to the German Event in Okinawa

I knew Japanese were very interested in Europe but I wasn’t sure if I could fill a whole evening with things to talk about Germany- in Japanese! But I agreed. The weeks flew by and I started preparing for the event. I was confronted with questions like: What is typically German? What is your culture like?

Cape Zanpa in Yomitan, Okinawa

An amazing view, sharp and steep cliffs, deep blue waters and the horizon to gaze at. Cape Zanpa never disappoints in beauty and majesty. Cape Zanpa (often referred to as, Zampa) is located in the West of Okinawa Honto, in the village of Yomitan. The drive to Zanpa alone is worth the trip.

Monorail Experience in Okinawa

Okinawa is known for its tropical beaches, the rich Ryukyu culture and its lush jungle forests. With an island that offers so much culture, nature and sightseeing, a lot of visitors come and see Okinawa. Many rent cars or take the local buses to reach the famous sights. The island does not have a subway so I have always gotten around by car or bus. But there is actually an alternative to the bus if you shop, sight-see or run errands in Naha.

Hotels in Okinawa Welcome the Holidays

I live on Okinawa and the temperatures at Christmas and New Years are quite nice. We do not have snow here but Okinawa joins the world in decorating festive during this season. So if you are up to a quick holiday trip into the warm south but still don't want to miss out on your Christmas' and New Year's traditions, you might like visiting these hotels around the island!

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