8 Must-Try Chuuka Dishes

The delicious wonders of the Japanese-Chinese restaurants, aka Chuuka restaurants, have been thoroughly explored in my previous article. There are many reasons why the foods don’t taste as authentic as the real Chinese cuisines, but the food is undeniably cheap and delicious. Today, let’s discover 8 of the common staples at the Chuuka establishments. The items here are all amazing items to choose. I listed in no particular order, so feel free to try them all!

Top 3 Spicy Cup Noodles

As delicious as Japanese cuisines are, fans of the spicy often find the hotness lacking from the food in this country. When foods and snacks are advertised as “extremely spicy”, most of the time it gives nothing more than a tinkle on the tongue for those used to the peppers. Not to mention, Japan tends to use only chilli pepper and miss out on the tastes offered by other species of peppers.

Halal Ramen in Kyoto

A popular Japanese food, Ramen, is found in shops at every street corner in Japan. Mostly ramen is prepared in a broth that uses pork meat and broth from it, while in some shops chicken is often used. For Muslim tourists in Japan it is most unlikely to experience the flavours of a bowl of conventional Japanese ramen. Narita-ya and Ayam-ya are two Japanese halal ramen restaurants that serve delicious bowls of ramen, worth a try.

Making Udon Noodles is Child's Play

Sensei Awesome, which is the nickname we have given my daughter’s teacher, invited the parents to come for a day of udon noodle making at school. Kids and their parents were given the opportunity to make hand-made udon noodles and they were fabulous!

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