Bowl of tonkotsu ramen in Japan

Ramen: A Japanese Obsession

There are thousands of variations of ramen, and you can argue that no two are the same. But it is generally acknowledged that ramen can be grouped into five basic types. Here is a quick rundown.

Hakata Ramen: Local Roots, Global Appeal

Actually quite minimal in character, using very basic ingredients and toppings to avoid interference with the main ingredients' flavors. Most locals will refuse to eat at a shop that uses factory-produced noodles, as handmade is considered the standard (and you can truly taste the difference).

Spicy Ramen: My Secret Addiction

If you love a kind of strong flavor that makes you feel alive and awake, you will fall in love with spicy ramen. And you will find yourself, just like me, trying to discover more and more restaurants that specialize in spicy hot ramen.

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