Exploring the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, Japan

When you’re planning your trip to Kyoto the initial thought is to visit all the shrines and historical museums, which of course, are definitely worth a visit. But also, because of this, Japan’s contemporary culture is overlooked when thinking of Kyoto. So why not change the itinerary a bit? Take a day to immerse yourself in the country’s modern times and artworks.

Kyoto’s Tale of Genji Museum is an Enjoyable Wander into Japan’s Literary World

The last ten chapters of The Tale of Genji are set in the small town of Uji in Kyoto, and the city has a small yet delightful museum dedicated to it. The Tale of Genji Museum first opened in 1998, but it’s been upgraded in recent years with some fun interactive and digital elements. If you’re a fan of the novel, or want to escape the tourist crowds in Kyoto, it’s well worth a look.

Ishinomori Museum: The Manga Icon of Ishinomaki

At the Ishinomori Manga Museum, visitors can see a special exhibit featuring one hundred of Sanrio’s iconic characters. There is everything from cute displays of illustrations, company history, vintage character goods and merchandise, and advertisements for Sanrio’s most recent mobile dating sim, manga, and anime titled Sanrio Danshi: Never Without My Favorite Friend.

Hakusasonso Garden With a View

Combined with the abundance of nature, the 10,000 square-meter site is also an outdoor architectural showcase of Japanese buildings, such as a small arbor hut, painting studio (where Hashimoto originally painted), temple, tea ceremony house, restaurant, the main residence and the museum.

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