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Read about what life in Japan is like, and get tips and advice for getting the most out of your time living in Japan.

Doing an Internship in Japan as a Foreigner

Have you ever considered working in Japan, but are not sure whether the Japanese working culture would suit you? Internships are a nice way of trying out working in Japan for a limited time. Some even come with the chance of a job offer after the internship.

Tips for Learning Japanese Without a Textbook

When learning Japanese and languages in general at the beginning you probably will need a textbook or similar material but after you mastered the basics there are a lot of ways you can continue your Japanese studies that are more entertaining than a textbook dialogue between Mr. Tanaka and Ms. Suzuki.

Akita Dialect – The Language of a Deep Snowy North

For me, finding out about a second “hidden” language was like unearthing a hidden shrine in my backyard, and I spent many hours in old libraries and online trying to learn about Akita-ben, the Akita dialect. One thing I learned on my study was that the vocab of Akita is not unified: people use different words in the south and north, but the grammar has consistent traits.

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