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Jirokei Ramen – Winning by Size

Jirokei Ramen, a genre of the Japanese ramen that many fans of noodles are addicted to. Many foreign visitors might have seen it and been intrigued by it without knowing its name or the fact that it is a genre of ramen. So what is Jirokei Ramen about that makes it unique and impressive? Let’s explore it together.

Quick and Affordable, Conveyor Belt Sushi

Recently we had a chance to try a popular chain near Shibuya station. Genki Sushi and their sister restaurant Uobei Sushi offer an affordable option just a few minutes walk from Shibuya Station. The average sushi at these locations costs between ¥108 and ¥194 per roll. Other chains would likely have similar pricing.

Michelin 1 Star Tantanmen – Nakiryu Ramen

These are delicacies that are way beyond what I can afford, and even if I can, I would rather go for my favourite bowl of ramen instead for much cheaper. So when a friend told me about the Michelin 1 star ramen restaurants in Japan, specifically in Tokyo, I thought that I have no excuses not to try it the next time I was in the area. Nakiryu ramen, famous for the tantanmen was my next destination.

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