Japanese New Year's decorations and crowds before a temple

New Year's Cards: Karuta and Hanafuda

For many families, the bonding and togtherness aspects of New Year’s culminate in gathering around the kotatsu, a low, heated table, watching t.v., eating, drinking, and playing games. The two most common, and perhaps most traditional games are Karuta and Hanafuda.

Osechi Ryori : New Year's Bento Box

Like any other time, during the New Year also, Japanese have some special food items. There are timings for consuming each kind of food. Among them the most popular and a must followed practice is to eat a set of food in special lunch boxes named as Osechi Ryori. This is consumed as the first food just after welcoming the New Year.

Christmas Gifts in Japan, Do's and Don'ts

Japan doesn’t really do Christmas. This is not a Christian country, and whilst I always somehow have managed to wrangle a day off on Christmas Day down the years, Christmas never has been, and most likely never will be a recognized national holiday. However, whilst Japanese people don’t do Christmas vacations, they certainly do Christmas presents!

Celebrate Halloween in Japan

The tradition wants that the night between 31st October and 1st November is when the gate between the world of the living and the dead is open. That's when people set bonfires to scare off ghosts and evil spirits and wear costumes to deceive them.

DisneySea's Halloween Celebration

This year, DisneySea’s annual Halloween celebration takes place September 8th – November 1st! This year, DisneySea’s theme is focused around villains! Disney’s most notorious villains take center stage and take over shows, merchandise and even the menu!

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