The 5 Most Historic Sites of Beppu

Even today, Beppu accounts for at least one tenths of Japan’s onsen production by volume. But although the place is a famous among the Japanese, and an increasingly popular destination for Korean and Chinese tourists, it is still relatively unknown to Western tourists in spite of its long history.

5 Lesser Known Japanese Cities

Most visitors to Japan like to visit the best-known spots, or what I call the “Big 5” destinations, which are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima. While these are all must see places in Japan, some of the smaller cities like Kanazawa and Kawagoe are often overlooked, and usually do not make it onto a tourist’s itinerary. I recommend checking out these “Next 5” destinations, which aren’t as big or well known as the “Big 5”, but pack a punch and offer you some amazing experiences and memories of Japan.

Gotokuji: The Lucky Cat Temple

If there is one thing Japan is often associated with abroad, it must be a cat. But not just any cat: the little waving cat called maneki neko. Usually, at a shop’s entrance there are figures of cat with a raised paw, which is said to attract good fortune. Some cat figures are automatic lifting and lowering the paws non-stop.

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