15 Things to Do in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Besides getting to know more about Japan through major cities like Tokyo or Osaka, Japanese culture also can be seen from historical prefectures, such as Ishikawa Prefecture, located in Japan's central Honshu. To visit Kanazawa, capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, is to explore the well-preserved Edo Period districts, samurai culture as well as Japanese handicrafts products and beautiful nature.

Nagoya Castle, the Rival Not-to-be

According to some, had it not been destroyed by bombardments in World War II, the Nagoya Castle would have surpassed Himeji Castle, as Japan’s most impressive feudal castle. Nonetheless, its current ferroconcrete reconstruction from 1959 and surrounding Meijo Park with over 2,000 cherry trees makes for a marvelous sight in early spring. But the castle is a picturesque vision throughout the year with a variety of blooms.

Utsunomiya Castle: Peace in The Heart of The City

Sometimes, after a long day of shopping, you just need to find somewhere to sit down for a few minutes. If such a spot is green and peaceful, that’s even better. Fortunately, for anyone who finds themselves in downtown Utsunomiya City, whether for business or pleasure, Utsunomiya Castle Ruins Park provides exactly such a spot.

Hachioji Castle: History Amid the Ruins

Hachioji Castle was built on Shiroyama mountain in the 1570s and features defenses that sprawl across the mountain top, that take advantage of the steep paths and natural formations to enhance the castle’s strategic defenses. Rumors and stories of strange occurrences and ghostly sightings give rise to reports that the site of Hachioji Castle is haunted.

Inuyama: The Littlest Castle

If you have time in Nagoya, that big and under-appreciated metropolis on the Tokaido shinkansen line, you can use the opportunity to do a quick jaunt up to Inuyama Castle (犬山城, Inuyamajō), the smallest (and supposedly oldest) original castle of them all.

Find History in Sendai

Japan's second largest northern city and capital city of the Tohoku region, is the city of Sendai. Having first heard about Sendai when reading about the age of the samurai during which Sendai was the stronghold of the Date-clan the city had a certain historical appeal to it.

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