Staying in a Buddhist Temple in Osaka

Air BnB is a wonderful thing. It’s added a completely different dimension to holiday accommodation. I’m a big fan. You can find all manner of weird and wonderful places, all over the world, and quite often for a lot less than a hotel. This in mind, a Buddhist temple probably still wouldn’t figure in your top 5 of places you can find on Air BnB (it sure wasn’t on mine), but here we are. Allow me to tell you the story of when I stayed at just such a place.

Hotels in Okinawa Welcome the Holidays

I live on Okinawa and the temperatures at Christmas and New Years are quite nice. We do not have snow here but Okinawa joins the world in decorating festive during this season. So if you are up to a quick holiday trip into the warm south but still don't want to miss out on your Christmas' and New Year's traditions, you might like visiting these hotels around the island!

The Oh So Discreet Love Hotels of Japan

You can’t miss a Love Hotel. They usually look like something from Disney with gaudy designs and names that may have a double entendre.If you are driving and do actually want to be discreet for that afternoon tryst, the car parks are always tucked away and I have even seen registration plates covered over in some. Don't be shy, just go in and have a look.

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