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Discover Japan's Fountain of Youth at Yoro Falls

Yoro Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Yoro Town on the western edge of Gifu Prefecture. The spectacular waterfall is 32 meters in height and 4 meters wide, and has been famous since ancient times for its pure spring water and scenic beauty. It is ranked one of the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Waterfalls” in Japan.

Hachioji Castle: History Amid the Ruins

Hachioji Castle was built on Shiroyama mountain in the 1570s and features defenses that sprawl across the mountain top, that take advantage of the steep paths and natural formations to enhance the castle’s strategic defenses. Rumors and stories of strange occurrences and ghostly sightings give rise to reports that the site of Hachioji Castle is haunted.

Warm Autumn Memories in Minoo, Osaka

The rich reds, yellows and burnt oranges of Autumn are most spectacularly displayed in a small sub-urban environment that rests up against a beautiful forest and a small mountain range with rivers and streams that wind down the slopes in Minoo, Osaka.

Camping in Hirugano

If you're on mainland Japan in July and August you can expect to see temperatures reach extremely humid highs of near 40 degrees Celsius (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit)! This fact alone can make a vacation very tough work for even the most seasoned of travelers. Cooler, quieter and full of surprises, a camping trip in the mountains is something worth considering.

A Trip to Minoh Falls

Located just north of Osaka city is picturesque Minoh. It is a beautiful little area with friendly people, the famous Minoh Monkeys, and Momiji—which is deep fried dried Japanese maple leaves. That is not all that this little piece of paradise has to offer however, for nestled within the foliage-filled hills that skirt the town you will find Minoh Falls.

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