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Localisation: Making the Movies Make Sense in Japan

Since coming to Japan, I have been quite intrigued at the different way in which Japanese people perceive certain movies and games here. Not only is the media itself received differently by the consumer, but also in addition, the titles themselves can often be named and marketed completely differently from how we may remember them in Europe or the US.

Satoru Iwata: A Gaming God

It was with a great sadness and a very heavy heart that I recently read of the passing of Satoru Iwata at the tragically young age of just 55 years old. In reading the reports in the aftermath of his death, I was stunned to learn just how many of the games I loved as a child had been, at least in part, influenced and developed by Mr Iwata.

Osaka Game Market 2015

Like board games? How about card games? Want to find new, rare and fun games to play with your friends? Look no more. The Game Market is held twice a year in Japan! Since the year 2000, people have traveled to Osaka and Tokyo to buy exciting new board and card games!

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