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Disneysea's Big Summer Anniversary

This summer, Tokyo Disneyland has three full events to keep any Disney fan busy! Disneyland and Disneysea are having their usual summer festivals, but this year Disneysea will also be celebrating its 15th anniversary! The summer festivals start July 9th and will run until August 31st whereas the Disneysea anniversary will last until March 17th 2017!

Tips for Tokyo Disneyland

Beyond my imagination! My one day trip to Tokyo Disneyland is definitely like taking a trip down my memory lane. It brought back wonderful memories of my childhood when I was in the United Kingdom.

German Village on Miyako Island

The tropical island of Miyako in the Okinawan prefecture offers all kinds of sights and cultural heritage. As you drive down south along the coast of Miyako island, tall castle-like houses rise like in a fairy tale scenery. You have reached the German Culture Village in Ueno, Miyako City (うえのドイツ文化村).

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