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Megastore Don Quijote

It’s actually a large chain of discount stores, with over 160 locations in Japan, and 3 in Hawaii. It carries pretty much anything you can imagine, including groceries, homeware, clothing, and cosmetics, as well as some off the wall products (more on these later).

The 5 Best Used Electronic Stores in Akihabara

Known for Maid Cafes, electronic stores and being an overall otaku (Japanese for nerd) paradise, Akihabara is one of Tokyo's most famous spots. Many people will tell you to check out Yodobashi Camera or the AKB48 Café. However, today we are going to talk about one of Akihabara’s lesser known treasures. Smaller shops that carry used goods.

Hanko Vending Machines: A Superb Souvenir

You probably heard about the hanko - The personal seal is an important part of Japanese culture and everyday life. Although the importance of hankos in everyday Japanese culture is prevalent, a personalized seal is also a great gift idea or souvenir to bring back from Japan. Whether you want to surprise a loved one with their personal name stamp in Japanese letters, or you just want it as a memory for yourself, you can get one easily without paying a lot of money, and with limited Japanese ability. Where from you might ask? From a vending machine!

Tips for Grocery Shopping in Japan

It is a common conception that living in Japan can be expensive. Indeed, it is expensive, but there are many different methods to help to reduce the cost of living and making it more bearable. There are already many articles written on the different ways to save money in Japan, such as buying discounted bentos in the supermarket after 8 p.m. (or for some departmental stores, 9 p.m.), but this article will be focusing on the aspect of grocery shopping.

Kaiten Student Service: Providing All of Your Moving Necessities

Kaiten student service is a special type of organization in Beppu that sells a wide range of cheap products and helps students to move out from their dormitories to any other place within the Beppu area. They provide a decently priced van for the students to move out into another house. They have two shops at Ishigaki and Kamegawa where they sell used products and deliver it to the customer’s location.

Mandarake: Treasure Island Paradise

まんだらけ(Mandarake) is a chain of franchises and shops, as well as the largest vendor of used goods, specially manga and anime-related products, in Japan. Founded in 1980 and currently with more than 168 employees, this company, with its headquarters in Tokyo has different types of shops and stores.

All About Calbee

Potato snacks hardly go wrong. Be it french fries with fish & chips, potato chips or crisps, potato snacks are always delicious, especially when deep-fried. The love for potato extends to Japan as well, and evidence of Japan’s success in making delicious potato snacks can be seen from how well Calbee does locally and internationally. As a major Japanese snack maker, Calbee Inc. has operations all over the world, but nothing gives it more attention than its stores in Japan.

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