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Ryugashi Cave - Hamamatsu

Ryugashi-Do is an hour’s bus ride from Hamamatsu. It was opened to the public in 1983, after explorers widened the cracks in the limestone to allow access and cleared away rubble. The length of the cave is about 1000 metres but only around 400 metres are developed and accessible to tourists. The stalagmites and stalactites at Ryugashido have been given whimsical names and are artfully lit so they appear resemble real things.

Nagoya Castle, the Rival Not-to-be

According to some, had it not been destroyed by bombardments in World War II, the Nagoya Castle would have surpassed Himeji Castle, as Japan’s most impressive feudal castle. Nonetheless, its current ferroconcrete reconstruction from 1959 and surrounding Meijo Park with over 2,000 cherry trees makes for a marvelous sight in early spring. But the castle is a picturesque vision throughout the year with a variety of blooms.

Amazing Okinawan Beaches Accessible from Naha

Mention Okinawa, and thoughts of blue skies, clear waters, and sandy beaches are likely to come to mind. Indeed, known as the Hawaii of Japan, Okinawa is an ideal location for the perfect beach getaway and allows the water sport enthusiasts to try out activities like diving and snorkeling. A trip to Okinawa therefore would not be complete without visiting one of its beautiful beaches.

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