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Fukuoka Tower – The Symbol of Fukuoka

Fukuoka is a city that incorporates both the modern sophisticated era as well as the oriental richness of Japan. Festivities and nature play a big part in the beauty of Fukuoka, but at the same time, the dynamic city life adds a dash of glamour to it. One such modern landmark in the city is the Fukuoka Tower.

Japan's Spectacular Architecture

Japan’s endeavor to build upwards has lead to influences far and wide throughout the country, making Tokyo only one spot for world record tower phenomena. Here are five towers and skyscraper buildings to visit for Japan’s world record observation spots!

Enoshima: Heart of Shonan

About an hour south of Shinjuku, on the Shonan Coast, sits Enoshima Island. It is a chunk of rock rising out of the waters of Sagami Bay, sitting less than a kilometer offshore from the volcanic sand beaches of the mainland. Immortalized in one of Hokusai’s Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, the island has lured Japanese and foreign visitors for more than 1500 years by offering a look at the past while staying relevant as a great modern travel destination.

Four Free Views of Tokyo

Many of these attractions are enjoyed from ground level, but what about heading ‘up’ for a change? When you walk out of an elevator to a 45th floor observation deck, your breath is immediately taken away as you understand the enormous scale of this megacity.

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