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Nagoya Castle, the Rival Not-to-be

According to some, had it not been destroyed by bombardments in World War II, the Nagoya Castle would have surpassed Himeji Castle, as Japan’s most impressive feudal castle. Nonetheless, its current ferroconcrete reconstruction from 1959 and surrounding Meijo Park with over 2,000 cherry trees makes for a marvelous sight in early spring. But the castle is a picturesque vision throughout the year with a variety of blooms.

Tokyo for Free

Raise your hand if you've never said "Tokyo is expensive!" Now, where were we? Right, Tokyo is expensive. As a rule entertainment is usually the first victim of budget cuts and if your free options are limited that can mean no cultural activities until your financial situation improves. But who wants to do that? Here is a list of stuff you can do either for free or for a nominal fee.

Matsumoto City's Koboyama

At first glance one may not recognize the historical significance of this location. However, upon observing the rectangular formation of neatly placed stones at the peak of Kōbōyama, one may recognize its tumulus-like features. And, one would be right to. Kōbōyama is in fact a tumulus, or burial mound.

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