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Enjoy the Music of the Melody Road in Okinawa

It is usual to enjoy the easy to use music in your car through FM, music players or other modern technological means. But isn’t it really surprising and amazing if you could enjoy music played by a road. And there is such a road in Japan also. Futami is a small town of Nago city in Okinawa.

Obon: Dancing With Our Ancestors In Okinawa

Summer in Okinawa is extremely hot! Most locals avoid the mid-day sun and hide from the humidity indoors. However, the island comes alive at night as the sounds of beating drums and the twangs of Sanshin (Okinawan banjo) fill the air. Youth groups spend the evenings practicing Eisa, a traditional dance that they will perform during Obon, the most important festival in Okinawa.

A Summer Vacation in Japan

When is the best time to visit Japan? I would say at the time when the sun above is shining its brightest rays and the sound of cicadas is echoing all over the city. It will always be during summer that Japan brings its warmest welcome for those who want to pay a visit to the land of the rising sun.

Guide to Japan’s Summer Music Festivals

Summer is a busy season in Japan. From the opening of beaches to summer festivals to fireworks shows, summer is a time for sunburnt and fun! Other than the countless traditional summer festivals, there are many music festivals happening throughout Japan in summer.

Hard Rock Cafe in Fukuoka

If you’re in the mood for rock and delicious food, then Fukuoka’s Hard Rock Cafe is a must-visit place! It has everything that you would expect a Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world to have: memorabilia from famous artists, a subtle ambient, delicious food and many live events throughout the year, usually from local and indie artists.

"Otaru Music Box Museum"

Otaru Music Box Museum consists of the main building and the building No.2. The building No.2 is located on the other side of the main building across the Märchen intersection. The main building is one of Japan's largest music box shops that was built in 1912. The exterior is built of brick, whereas the interior is wooden. It is said the number of music box on display is over 1500. Beside the inlet, there is a steam clock, which has been the store's symbol. In "Yume Kobo (dream studio)", which locates nearby the main building, there is a booth that you can experience in making a music box. You can […]

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