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Awakening the Force

In a previous post I looked at why Star Wars has had such an endearing and enduring appeal to Japanese fans. Today, I thought I’d go a little further into it and examine just how fans here in Japan are preparing for the new movie and how they plan to see it.

Spring Time, Movie Time

Here are some of the best new movies coming to Japan over the next couple of months. In typical Hollywood style, as usual the number of sequels seems to greatly outnumber the amount of original releases. Nonetheless, there’s plenty to be excited about at Japan’s many cinemas this coming spring.

Star Wars Awakening: Japanese Unique Style

The force is awakening in a few days and with it a whole new saga of one of the most famous cinema stories: Star Wars. Star Wars new saga “The Force Awakens” is about to start (December 18th) and with it Japan gets ready for a stunning welcoming atmosphere as a spectacular finishing touch to the end of the year.

Japanese Jedi: Why Japan Loves Star Wars

In case you’ve been in a state of hibernation for the past year or so, it may have escaped your attention that at the end of this year the story of the Star Wars Saga will once again come to our cinema screens for the 7th time. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is scheduled to hit cinemas across Japan, and worldwide on December 18th.

Localisation: Making the Movies Make Sense in Japan

Since coming to Japan, I have been quite intrigued at the different way in which Japanese people perceive certain movies and games here. Not only is the media itself received differently by the consumer, but also in addition, the titles themselves can often be named and marketed completely differently from how we may remember them in Europe or the US.

Top 5 Films Featuring Japan

Japan is a country that definitely has seen its fair share of coverage through movies. From Tokyo being synonymous with a futuristic, Jetson-like metropolis to the stern, honor-bound samurai, we've all seen Hollywood's depiction of Japan and wondered if the country really lives up to the hype.

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