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Let's Play Shiritori (or Word Chains)

Let's play a word game. I'll start with the name of a place, like a city, state, province, or country, and you tell me the name of a different place that starts with the last letter of the city I mentioned. For example, if I say Rome, you might say Ethiopia. Which would mean I need to say someplace that starts with A. So, I'll use Aichi, which is a prefecture here in Japan. Then you start with I and so on and so forth.

Playing Karuta in Japan

Do you love playing cards with your friends or family members? In Japan, they love to play Karuta with their friends. “Karuta” is from Portuguese “Carta”, which means “Card”. Let’s know more about what kind of game is it, and how to play it then!

Golden Week Getaways

Not so much a week as 4 distinct national holidays within 7 days of each other, Golden Week is one of those all too rare times on the Japanese calendar when even the most dedicated of “company men” (and women) will have to take at least a few days off.

Useful Japanese Phrases for Foreigners

it is better to learn some of useful Japanese phrases. Why do I recommend that? It is because many Japanese people do not understand English and they can’t speak English too. So, you needs to learn some of their language or commonly used phrases. Here are the most commonly used phrases in Japan, which will be helpful during your travel or stay in Japan.

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