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Strolling Around Kobe's Kitano Street: Explore Western Heritage

Nowadays, Kitano-cho or Kitano streets or usually called as Kitano Ijinkan-gai (北野異人館街) is an area where several western heritages were left. Unlike many places in Japan, strolling around this area brings us to a different old-western atmosphere. There were 300 houses of foreigner houses before which was deteriorated by war and just 30 left with less than 20 houses open for public.

Share Houses-What to Expect

If you are staying in Japan long term and are on a budget, a good alternative to renting an apartment (notorious for being expensive with many payments before you even move in and are often unfurnished) is to stay in a share house.

Rubbish and Recycling in Japan

In our family, we adhere to seven categories of waste disposal on a daily basis. This may sound impressive but actually, there are twenty-plus categories where we live. In the kitchen, we have a nama gomi bucket for compost. All cooking and food scraps go here, including coffee grinds and the flotsam I strain out of my sink.

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