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3 Things That You Should Know About Azaleas

Probably you must have noticed, that some colorful azaleas such as pink and white bloom beautifully on sidewalks in late spring in Japan. They become more visible as summer sets in and are a common sight. It is really nice that we can enjoy pink flowers on the street even after cherry blossoms wither away, isn't it? Here are some things to know about Azaleas in Japan.

Rose Festival at Kani Flower Park, Gifu

The Hana Festa Memorial Park of Kani City in Gifu Prefecture attracts a lot of visitors, especially during the months of May and June when the roses are in bloom. The Hana Festa Memorial Park contains more than 7000 varieties of roses and ten thousand varieties of other plants.

Shibazakura Festival

The Shibazakura (Lawn Cherry) Festival was always something I had wondered about. In all my three experience in Japan, I had not even set foot at the festival. This year came around and I put my foot down. It was now time to visit the famous Shibazakura Festival.

Higashitakane Forest Park in Kanagawa

There is no better time than spring to spend the day outside. Especially these days, when cherry trees are in full bloom, we are all drawn towards green and quiet spots, we all want to witness nature's awakening and feel the inevitable melancholy caused by the view of fragile flowers giving in to the breeze.

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