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Visit a town reborn after 3.11 – Onagawa

A year-old station in the town of Onagawa in Miyagi prefecture may be a new mecca for young architects, who are eager to learn from the work by Shigeru Ban; a winner of Prtizker Architecture Prize in 2014. Onagawa had always been famous for its fisheries and the breathtaking views of the bay and that has not changed. Find out about the transformation of this town...

Suwa City Shin-Saku Fireworks Festival

There is a Great fireworks festival in the middle of August which is huge. The small city of Suwa, with a population of roughly 50,000 people, often has an influx of 500,000 visitors during this festival. Then, in the beginning of September, there is the Shin-­saku or “experimental” fireworks festival.

Fireworks : Flowers of Fire

Hanabi (Japanese writing: 花火) is among my favorite words. It means fireworks, but literally translated it actually means flowers of fire. When they say Japanese words are ideograms, images that render an object or action, hanabi is the perfect example to bring up.

Koto Fireworks Festival 2015

It’s amazing how approximately 7,000 fireworks festivals are performed in Japan during its short summer. The festival is a beautiful summer tradition where local residents dressed up in colorful yukata (casual cotton kimono) and enjoyed the famous short-lived beauty with friends and family.

Sendai Tanabata

Tanabata Festivals are held in the summer throughout Japan. The date varies by region of the country, with the first festivals begin on July 7. The one in Sendai celebrating on August 7 annually is the largest representing Tohoku region, boasting 400-year tradition.

A Summer Vacation in Japan

When is the best time to visit Japan? I would say at the time when the sun above is shining its brightest rays and the sound of cicadas is echoing all over the city. It will always be during summer that Japan brings its warmest welcome for those who want to pay a visit to the land of the rising sun.

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