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The Japanese School Educational System

The school education of Japan includes many activities other than studying. They have time allotted for playing, cleaning etc. Thus Japanese educational system not only focus on teaching theory lessons to the children, but also makes them able to handle things in their everyday life.

An Insight from an Elementary School

Part-time job as an assistant to language teacher is very common for the English-speaking foreigners in Japan. English language class is usually once per week, so it is a convenient job for students.

Taking it to the Next Level: Higher Education in Japan

In a concerted attempt to maintain a tight grip on their immigration quotas, the Japanese Immigration Bureau mandates that anyone wishing to take up a professional role in Japan must have either a university degree, or a minimum of 3 years of verifiable, professional experience in their chosen field.

School Lunches - A Taste of Japanese Education

In Japan, most public schools in Japan have school lunches provided, and while some students find them delicious and some don’t, it definitely takes a big burden off the parents from having to pack lunch for every tomorrow. Today, allow me to give you some insights to the food served in school.

A Summer Vacation in Japan

When is the best time to visit Japan? I would say at the time when the sun above is shining its brightest rays and the sound of cicadas is echoing all over the city. It will always be during summer that Japan brings its warmest welcome for those who want to pay a visit to the land of the rising sun.

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