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5 Must-do Summer Activities in Japan

Summer's here and for Japan, that means hot weather, exciting festivals, and fun cultural activities in every prefecture celebrated by all people young and old. With that said, Japan is the place to be this summer and here are 5 reasons why.

Lessons Learned from the Japanese

In Japan, etiquette is the main imperative, people slurp their noodles really loud, buying souvenirs for everyone is of extreme importance and being shy, not expressive, is the main behaviour. It is certainly a different culture that fascinates many people outside the country. So what can we learn by studying Japanese mannerisms?

Going to The Gym in Japan

The Japanese love hanging out at the gym as much as most other countries. You can find them quite easily in Japan and some are open 24 hours a day. The gymnasiums are truly enjoyable in multiple ways with only slight differences.

Oiran Procession in Asakusa, When You're in a Hurry

Who are oiran? According to Wikipedia, the word originates from the Japanese phrase "oira no tokoro no nēsan", which translates into "my elder sister." The kanji characters are 花 meaning "flower" and 魁 meaning "leader" or "first". They were high-class courtesans that possessed entertainer’s skills, such as playing musical instruments, arranging ikebana, performing tea ceremonies, etc.

An Insight from an Elementary School

Part-time job as an assistant to language teacher is very common for the English-speaking foreigners in Japan. English language class is usually once per week, so it is a convenient job for students.

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