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Localisation: Making the Movies Make Sense in Japan

Since coming to Japan, I have been quite intrigued at the different way in which Japanese people perceive certain movies and games here. Not only is the media itself received differently by the consumer, but also in addition, the titles themselves can often be named and marketed completely differently from how we may remember them in Europe or the US.

Top 5 Films Featuring Japan

Japan is a country that definitely has seen its fair share of coverage through movies. From Tokyo being synonymous with a futuristic, Jetson-like metropolis to the stern, honor-bound samurai, we've all seen Hollywood's depiction of Japan and wondered if the country really lives up to the hype.

Lost in Translation

Getting lost in Japan, is something that might happen even more than expected. “Lost in Translation” is the movie directed by Sofia Coppola, which, I would recommend you to watch in case you are planning to include Tokyo in your trip.

Shizuoka Cannes Week, 2015

While Cannes International Film Festival was held at France, there was a parallel Cannes here in Japan as well, with the “Shizuoka Cannes Week 2015”, an International Film Festival from May 9th to 24th, 2015 at the Shizuoka city.

A Free App for Movie Location Trips in Tokyo

With the growing popularity of filming location trips to rediscover the culture of Tokyo, the free app TOKYO LOKETABI , which literally means “ Tokyo Location Trip”, has been released. It provides extensive information on where famous movies, TV drama series and animated cartoons were filmed.

Meeting Ninjas and Samurais at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Kyoto is full of beautiful, old Japanese structures, giving you the feeling of being inside a movie set. But why not experience being in one and see the actions yourself? If you are fascinated by sword fights, samurais, ninjas and old Japanese films, Toei Kyoto Studio Park is the perfect place for you.

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