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Hotels in Okinawa Welcome the Holidays

I live on Okinawa and the temperatures at Christmas and New Years are quite nice. We do not have snow here but Okinawa joins the world in decorating festive during this season. So if you are up to a quick holiday trip into the warm south but still don't want to miss out on your Christmas' and New Year's traditions, you might like visiting these hotels around the island!

Christmas Celebrations at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland always celebrates holidays, and the Christmas holiday is no exception! Tokyo Disney’s Christmas celebrations were from November 1st to December 25th. This article will cover all the exciting things that were available for Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy!

Caretta Shiodome’s Winter Illumination

The Caretta Illumination at Shiodome is by far one of the most amazing displays this year. Going by the theme of “Canyon d’Azur”, the area in front of Caretta Shiodome beautifully lights up in a sea of blue during this year-end season.

Christmas in Japan

Even though Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan, it’s extremely popular! As early as October, one can see Christmas decorations springing up in department stores! Beginning in November, Christmas music can be heard almost everywhere and advertisements for Christmas sweets and goods can be seen at malls and bakeries.

Christmas Gifts in Japan, Do's and Don'ts

Japan doesn’t really do Christmas. This is not a Christian country, and whilst I always somehow have managed to wrangle a day off on Christmas Day down the years, Christmas never has been, and most likely never will be a recognized national holiday. However, whilst Japanese people don’t do Christmas vacations, they certainly do Christmas presents!

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