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The 5 Best Hanami Spots in Hyogo

Basically, friends and family gather together, get lots of food and drinks, find some space near the trees in a local park, and proceed to eat, drink and be merry. Lets take a tour of the top 5 places to enjoy this hanami season in Hyogo prefecture whilst avoiding the big crowds.

Best Spots for Hanami Picnics in Tokyo

The magic about Sakura is not only the beauty of the flowers but also the beauty of going out, getting closer to nature, walking around without a specific plan, spending hours sat under a tree, and the beauty of finding yourself in love. Why not? In love with your own moment and your own life.

Top 5 Spring Food and Drinks in Japan

Japan is famous for its seasonal food and drinks with spring one of the best times of the year to sample these delicious treats. In Japan, spring is seen as a time of hope and new beginnings and carries with it the promise of warmer weather, beautiful colours and “hanami” or cherry blossom viewing.

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