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Kaiseki at the Japanese Alps

It is amazing how much the nature has to offer when you have the time, the energy and the wiling to connect with it. My recommendation: “Never waste those precious moments. Never”. Of course, after all these activities, I feel like I deserve the best of the meals. And here is where you get Kaiseki for dinner.

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

A place to escape the heat of the city or a chance to walk through some pleasant scenery, the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls makes a memorable trip. Although a distance from Tokyo they are an easy side trip during a stay on the Izu Peninsula.

Fantastic Foliage at Murō Temple

This fall season when you see the exotic nature of Japan, be sure to check out Murō Temple in Murō Village, Nara prefecture with an ancient temple that carries its town’s namesake and lots of excellent foliage all around it.

Autumn Onsen

As anyone who has ever visited one will tell you, in Japan there is no better way to recharge your batteries than by visiting one of the hundreds of onsen resorts, dotted around the country. What most people don’t know however, is that certain regions and certain particular onsens are especially enjoyable during the autumn season.

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